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Not my VH1 & Comedy central D:

And in other news, the apocalypse is looming and its isn't pretty.
No more Spongebob, Flavor Flav & Colbert report at home.
HOLY CRAP. My niece has been freaking out all day, me & sis called TWC as my niece screamed at us to CALL NOW. Lol nothing like a foreboding bottom scroll of "ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!" during kid's programing to rile the prepubescent masses.
This helps, too. Low blow, Viacom, real classy [still searching for the full page Dora version. Twisted curiosity, I guess; she used to make me cry with the inane singing].

Happy new year's eve :D

Ok, so yeah, now I know why my pics are so small. Damn you Creative Zen for resizing my bmps!
No USB drive since the painful death that happened in the school comp lab; I've taken to uploading to Sei-chan [mah zen]. Which resizes thing into teeny tiny things. Err...
So tiinnny you might not see it, but that's a 3 Kings rosca, an eggplant, hawk, & MtFuji, kagamimochi [1 more mochi for goodluck b/c I can't count >_>;], & a coin purse for kolyadki. Kinda light since my monitor makes things darker, so I was erring on side of caution. Too far? I dun know~

There, got most of the new years luck & gods appeased. Happy New Year everyone :) <33

Happy Christmas to all

Happy Holidays~ Vaguely based on my Pupe. I couldn't remember what she was wearing and couldn't check- no internet on mah computer. Drawn in Open Canvas and uploaded on sis's computer.
Didn't realize it was so small. Couldn't take too much time one it, and was kinda sad to see how much better it looks in sepia OTL.
Oops? My computer sucks >_>;;;
Welp, gonna finish up the lolita report. Needz more cohesion~



Been zombiefied. Need more practice.
PRACTICE. I have forgotten how to draw proportions OTL.
Missed me poupee dress up, and have gotten sucked into new stuff. Lolita clothes is still a like for me, not as passionate as I was. Damn tuition is looming again and money is so tight these days >_>;; [Haven't even been on egl for weeks...]. I've no internet thanks to to home remodeling stuffs, so hello from bro's comp. Black Friday wasn't much to write about, but dawww Disney store had cute stuff; merry xmas Percy- expect Princess stuff up the wazoo :)

Back to work I go. Adios till the next.
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Me, after Nanch tells me Baby refused her order, on a crowded train platform. I had people startled and staring at me. Because I let out a choked gasp. She didn't fill in the country. How many New York City's are in the world? Hm.
NO.NO.NOOOOOOOOOO. Baby, don't, please don't, don't cancel me. I have bloodshot eyes, had to run to school without a shower, and drooled in my Statistics class. I did not just burn my tongue with a steaming mocha for nothing. We did not shriek, cry, and dream for nothing. DAMN YOU BABY THE STARS [DO NOT] SHINE BRIGHT!!!!!!!
It's just a matter of time before I receive my own DENIED mail ;_;. Oh well. More money for NYAF :|
Good thing drawing always manages to calm me down some. Trusty ol'bitmap. Also having to calm Nancy [for once, I was the pillar of strength. Take your place back! I'm not a good straight man!] calmed me.
Tomorrow's agenda: Whoo hoo Maury show! Baby mamas & don't-want-to-be-the papas for me :\

Getting up in 2 hours...

After an hour of F5ing, First date memorial set.
Pictures speak a thousand times more than words, ne? Even a 3 minute pic. I love having a loli friend to call at 3:30am and hyperventilate to & with ^^;
Luna&apos;s Share >:3,Peitei&apos;s share
I wonder if this pic can chronicle my wallet's suffering P:
[only half though; my bud feels half the pain of shipping costs...]

Writer's Block: Sharing Haikus

The Japanese haiku poet Basho once wrote, "Old pond / a frog jumps / the sound of water." Try writing some of your own haikus about the little things in your life. A haiku generally consists of a five-syllable line, a seven-syllable line and a second five-syllable line. You can also use any combination of ten-to-fourteen syllables.

My eyes, how they burn
My head, so tired and slow
Steep price for Ribbons

I love Poupee to a somewhat unhealthy degree ^^; Staying up till the sun shines is not a look for my skin.
Only until the yukata event, only until then X\
Just finished marathoning the latest 3 episodes of Antique Bakery: I had to stifle girlish glee at the Santa run. Kids these days are too hard to impress. The French baker is way scarier in motion than print. I wouldn't have just sat there and waited for him to crush my future. Ono you sweet dumb rock.
Hey, good to know the Dark Knight's still selling strong enough to be sold out a MONTH later in IMAX. Curses. No trap!Joker for me on bday.
Well, we got dinner [King crab croqutte & spicy sushi <3 The sashimi was bust] & used a Senior discount to watch // TROPIC THUNDER //
I won't be spoilerish, but go watch it if you haven't. It would really suck if you miss out on big ass explosions and Booty Sweat.
'It's like punching the American Flag in the face goddammit!'Collapse )
Gah, having problems with financial aid. And the freaking office is closed tomorrow. And the day after. And then Monday. Oh crap.
OMG YAY! My 1st sailor item that fits came today!! [Stupid Don Quixote fetish gear fuku] I opened it up and the fresh laundry scent just wafted so delicately from the Meta bag. What a wonderful feeling ^_^ A Metamorphose rounded Sailor collar cardigan; squee! Can't wait to wear it at NYAF. I have a vague idea what I'll be wearing, but there's still so much to buy! Make! Plan!
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal...along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

"The door opened, and a woman stepped into the room, freezing when she saw Yoko."

-The Twelve kingdoms

If I wasn't omg delinquient on my library card I'd have some new material to read. No space here to keep books.
Thankfully 12 kingdoms is an engrossing thick read :)


Older but not much wiser :P

Yup. Another bday *_* Lol my family completely forgot until Nanch arrived like 10 pm last night with a big package. With her whole entourage, my dad was all wtf... I expected a Hello Kitty furniture or a keepsake box but no- best gift ever- a computer chair! OMG I was dumbstruck. I jammed my clumsy fingers building it a couple of times but SUCCESS! Its massively comfortable; no more weird crab climbing for me.

Can't wait for tonight- Dark knight [again :D] in IMAX~ & finally get to try the Japanese restaurant by Lincoln Square. It has such cute decor <3.
Then for my unbirthday on Sept 6 a trip to Six flags- in loli *prance*. No brand shall be harmed in the making of these plans- wearing Bodyline or the ruined Anna house. I has choices? YES. Bloomers are a must for coaster riding, of course. Anyone wanting to come along for the frills is welcome. Willow can't make it and neither Jennifer -_- since she's having her unbirthday the night before... I don't care- I'll be there no matter what *_*!

And yay Tsubasa remembered me XD She passed along a t-shirt & stuff to give to me since I didn't make it to the Echostream/Love ETC concert/birthday u_u. The niece needed watching over and nobody to do it but me. Argh. The pains of being in charge of a cute sickly kid.

Last night's Democratic convention... Oh Hillary, you fit just about every oppressed people reference/anecdote in there. I was waiting for Godwin's law to take effect till I remembered this wasn't an internet speech. I lol'd at the "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit". That was a pretty good damn good speech. I barely watch TV anymore but yay real life entertainment :)
Good fight, Ms.Clinton.