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luna_pchan's Journal

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Welcome strangers.

*pingpingpong* Thank you for traveling to this LJ, a place for whatever's going through my head & a good tool for stalking joining communities :D
I don't like to type much [I'm a 2 fingered typist >_>;;;], but when I do it'll probably be related to manga/food/fandom/fashion/cuteness with a dose of omgsquee~. If I don't get that emotion out online I'd fear for the people who know me in real life. No bakabaka kawaii desudesu from me, I promise.

Feel free to add me if you share an interest in such things, and I'll do the same.

Currently obsessing on Hetalia, relearning how to paint/draw, oekakichats, Poupee girl, Sakura Gari [*_*;] & lolita.

Currently wishing for more Putumayo, a winter coat that fits, new Christmas goods at Pupe, & buying moar furoku.

Current layout is from a super kind user that I can so not remember on The Hetalia communty. Thanks oh kind one that I can not remember orz. Mmm, Chibi!Russia <3